Future Perfect - For Education Providers

Does the future employability of your students matter to your organisation?

Are you concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on your students, especially those leaving this academic year?

Would better wellbeing amongst students help your organisation?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’, then Future Perfect is for you and your organisation.

Future Perfect uses the proven PEP-Choices© tool, supported by group and individual mentoring, to strengthen and develop in young people the behaviours and mindsets which they need to be effective employees. These include: determination, resilience, setting and achieving goals, working collaboratively in teams, and thinking critically.

Future Perfect is a collaborative programme between AV4U, Verax International Limited and the Centre of International Executive Education and Development.

It is underpinned by extensive empirical research into the mindsets, behaviours and skills that employers need, is supported by academic analysis, and has been designed specifically for young people aged between 16 and 24.

By improving young people’s adaptability and effectiveness, Future Perfect gives them and their employers the edge to recover and thrive in the challenging and changing post COVID-19 world, and increases their self-confidence and sense of wellbeing.

The online Future Perfect programme is easily accessible, flexible and readily available, and comprises:
•    The short online PEP-Choices© diagnostic questionnaire
•    Individual reports and personal development plans
•    Handbook and other support materials
•    Online group workshops
•    Individual online mentoring

A second PEP-Choices© questionnaire and report at the end of the programme enables individuals to quantify their progress.  In addition, your organisation will be able to calculate an ROI with regard to the investment you have made in your students.

To conclude, Future Perfect
•    Makes individuals more effective in whatever they do in their studies, at work, and in life.
•    Improves their self-confidence and sense of wellbeing.
•    Enhances apprenticeship programmes.
•    Makes students more attractive to employers, more capable and better able to compete for the jobs they want.

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