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As an employer would a more adaptable effective workforce benefit your business? If so, then Future Perfect is for you. Click here for more information.


The needs employers have to recruit effective and competent staff from university, college and school leavers underpin AV4U’s approach.  We balance the achievement of formal qualifications with the development of the behaviours and mindset employers seek and need in potential staff, including willingness to learn and adapt.

Our programme, based on Verax International Limited’s proven PEP-Choices©, has been developed from research with employers into the behavioural skills they need.  In short, they seek energetic, contributing employees who will consistently achieve their goals and objectives; enjoy mutually rewarding relationships with others; cope with and appropriately initiate change; and exhibit emotional stability and minimum stress.

We measure and develop these skills. 

Engaging in AV4U’s programme benefits employers as follows:

  • Improves access to effective and competent employees.  We provide a proven, consistent and measurable means to develop in young people the behaviours and mindsets which employers seek.  AV4U’s approach builds and nurtures sustainable local relationships between higher, further and secondary education providers, employers and local stakeholders.
  • Reduces recruitment costs. Participation in our programme gives employers structured visibility of potential employees before recruitment decisions are made.  Employers benefit directly from the improved individual behaviours and effectiveness AV4U delivers.
  • Helps employers develop a more diverse and more effective work force.  AV4U’s programme helps individuals from all backgrounds to raise their aspirations and achieve their potential.  Our focus on supporting universities’ widening participation programmes gives employers a wider and more effective talent pool from which to recruit.
  • Supports employer Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

Employers can engage with the AV4U programme in a variety of ways, including:

  • Recruitment of graduates and school leavers who have taken part in our programme
  • Training of apprentices
  • Providing work experience and internships
  • Sponsorship

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