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AV4U’s research-based programme works in partnership with schools to help develop those behaviours in pupils which are essential for success. We support and empower staff to enable the holistic development of pupils: Teachers involved in the programme will see their pupils grow, develop and progress.

Our approach is focussed on understanding the complete person, helping them to develop and focus on positive goals for their future.

Our programme empowers pupils, providing them with the tools to grow in self-confidence and focus and to enrich their experience at school.

We aim to:

  • Raise pupils’ ambitions and horizons
  • Encourage them to set realistic goals and helps them to achieve those goals
  • Enhance their readiness for learning and supports academic attainment
  • Improve their preparedness for university, employment or apprenticeship
  • Help create the conditions for good pupil behaviour

AV4U values and invests in teachers. We provide training (which is certified as CPD), materials and support to teachers throughout the duration of the programme. An understanding of and familiarity with Verax International Limited's diagnostic PEP-Choices© questionnaire (which is at the heart of the programme) and training materials will also benefit teachers’ own development and wellbeing.

AV4U helps teachers by

  • Improving pupils’ motivation, focus and performance,
  • Developing more mature behaviour in pupils and encouraging them to take responsibility for it

We support schools’ engagement with parents and encourage parents to discuss activities and progress in our programme with their children. AV4U’s programme is designed to be easily implemented in schools. As part of our full project management service, we work closely with schools to deliver our programme. We provide comprehensive communication and support materials for staff, parents and pupils as well as extensive management information for schools. In addition, follow-up questionnaires are provided so that pupils’ progress can be measured and quantified.

AV4U’s approach ensures effective communication and outreach to stakeholders, including parents and local employers. Our trend data and data analysis can be used to inform school strategy and management, providing objective evidence to support proposals for change.

In partnership with schools, we can enrich the experience of teachers, pupils and parents.


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