AV4U is for you and about you.

We want to help you to take control of your life and to have the skills and behaviours which will help you to be successful at whatever you choose to do.

The skills and behaviours you get through AV4U are the ones that employers consistently say they need.  Our programme complements and enhances your formal qualifications and gives you what employers consider to be necessary to be successful in any field.

AV4U’s programme helps you to:

  • Enhance your motivation and ambition for success
  • Have greater self confidence
  • Strengthen your resilience and perseverance
  • Build and improve your relationships with a wide range of people including your tutors, employers, friends and family
  • Take responsibility for your learning and behaviour
  • Develop open mindedness, tolerance and respect
  • Improve your wellbeing

Completing AV4U’s programme makes you more attractive to employers and will help you do better at school, university and at work.

AV4U involves easy steps which allow you to take control of your future:

  • A short easy-to-use online diagnostic questionnaire.  This will tell you what your behavioural style is.  It is a form of reality check.  It will show how behaviours affect your effectiveness and adaptability, highlight your strengths and give you practical steps to help you maximise your chances of success in life.
  • Mentoring support.  You will have your own mentor who will help you understand your behavioural style, recognise how others see the world and develop your skills to adapt and get the most from what you do and your relationships with others.
  • Support materials.  We provide you with a handbook and other materials to help you get the most from your mentors and have control of your own development.
  • Development plan.  With your mentor’s help you will be able to create your personal development plan, including specific practical and achievable steps, record your achievements and quantify the benefit they have given you. 

For further information, please contact us