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Integration of our programme in a university’s curriculum improves student wellbeing, leads to higher completion and progression rates and achieves a positive community impact.  Our programme also enhances a university’s attraction to students.

Our approach

AV4U’s approach is designed to help meet the key issues which universities face, including:

Widening participation.  AV4U’s programme is particularly beneficial for potential applicants from those backgrounds which are under-represented at university.  By helping individuals to develop their self-confidence, AV4U raises aspirations, enables them to perform better at school, and to be more prepared for and able to adapt to university life. 

Completion.  Students who are self-confident, resilient and able to build relationships adapt better to university life, are more effective at their academic studies and more likely to complete their course.

Progression.  Our programme is based on research which has identified the behavioural skills employers seek.  Developing these skills at university improves graduates’ employability and attractiveness to employers.

Wellbeing.  With greater self-confidence, understanding of their responsibility for their own behaviour and of the practical steps they can take to resolve their issues, students’ wellbeing improves.  AV4U’s programme helps prevent and solve wellbeing issues, reducing the burden on university welfare services. 

Our services

AV4U’s services can be tailored to support courses or cohorts, large and small. 

We also offer comprehensive programme management support, including options to develop sustainable long-term initiatives involving local employers and other stakeholders.

Examples of how AV4U can support a university include:

  • >Widening participation outreach programmes
  • >Degree and lower level apprenticeship courses
  • >Programmes for new students at induction
  • >Broadening a university’s offer in professional or career-specific courses
  • >Improving student wellbeing

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